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Standard Transmission

Find Standard Transmission Parts Easily

Do you like to drive your car with fast speed? Do you know which parts of autos or cars are responsible in offering high speed? It is the transmission of your car, which allows you to drive your car with high-speed range. However, the speed range depends on the number of gears transmission has and its range of speed limits. Usually, automotive transmission is 3-speed to 6-speed transmission. Most of the cars have 5-speed transmissions. Transmission is nothing but the gear system of the vehicle that controls speed and performance of the vehicle.

Standard or manual transmission has clutch pedal to shift gears as per speed of the vehicle. Transmission has torque converter, which transfers the power to the engine. There are various parts of standard transmission like – standard clutch set, flywheel, transfer case, Axles and mounts

These parts work together to allow vehicle to run in required speed range easily. Standard transmissions are manually operated transmissions where driver has to shift gears whenever speed range is changed. Transmission repair or replacement is very expensive job. However, you can choose reliable auto parts store where you can avail standard transmission for sale at reliable prices.

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